We're not friends anymore, so is it even worth mentioning to him?

I met this guy that my ex friend went on one date with and she decided she did not want to date anyone else because she is talking to this other guy who lives in a different state than us. We are no longer friends because of many different reasons. I tried to fix our friendship over the course of the past month, but she won't talk to me or return my text messages, so I gave up on that whole thing. I knew that her and this guy had that one date, but he is GORGEOUS! We might hang out this weekend but just for "safety" reasons, is it okay if something does blossom between him and I? She told me after the date was over that he was not feeling it and after he kissed her she realized she wanted this other guy, and when she told this guy about the other guy he got really mad at her for "wasting his time". So, yeah, is it okay for me to go ahead and let whatever may happen with this guy, happen?


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  • If she's not your friend anymore then leave it in the past. I think it's completely okay to go ahead and let whatever may happen, happen with him. Have fun and don't worry about old friends and what they might think. :)


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  • Going on a date and dating are two different things. She went on a date, but was never actually dating him. You are in the clear to do what you want.

    I mean, there is also the fact you two aren't friends anymore... which also puts you in the clear.


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