Do guys mean what they say?

I dated a guy who unfortunately nothing happened with because he didn't live in my town. He has now moved here and he contacted me and we met and it was great and at the end he told me not to hesitate contacting him when I wanted to meet or when I was bored , he wanted me also to see his apartment and have some coffee.
I mean if he wasn't interested in meeting he would not have said that right. ? I also later on told him how it was nice to see him and if we could meet after my vacation and he said yes we can , it was fun
Do guys mean what they say?


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  • yeah about 99.8% of the time guys do mean it when they say it.

    • Why else would he say it

    • for the 0.2% chance he would say it is because he doesn't mean it but he's just trying to be nice :P

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