Question for girls... is she trying to distance herself?

So, I went on a date with this girl this weekend and things happened, sexually. I mean we clicked so much, cuddled and stuff and than some, and we talked a lot before the date.

So after not hearing from her since the date, I texted her, and she told me she has a lot of school work to catch up on and will be MIA for a while, until the end of the week.

So is she slowly letting me down or something? I asked her if anything is wrong and when can I see her and she said everythings cool and after she finishes I can.

Am I overthinking? When should I call her again or text?

Was thinking of setting up a date to treat her for all the hard studying buy I'm not sure if she's being letting me down or just really busy. Plus, her texts haven't been that flirty lately, maybe because she's so focused.

I still see her go on IG or her FB messenger says active "X" mins ago, so Idk.


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  • that's tough. she might genuinely be busy since she said she'll be free at the end of the week. that is a good sign of still having interest. but she should give you a definite day and time to meet up again and not keep you guessing as to when exactly. Personally, I would not want to be separated the first week after having sex. It's only natural to want to be together as much as possible in the beginning. So it's fishy. Unless she's studying to be a brain surgeon, she shouldn't be pulling away already.

  • She might really be busy. But on the for real, if a girl's into u she makes a way to see u.
    Ask her to go out on whatever day she said she won't be busy. If she says ok, then the day prior ask he if the dates still on. If she doesn't sound excited or happy then it's not going to happen and she's gonna blow u off.

    • She didn't say a specific day, all she said is she'll probably be in this study mode until Thursday. So what do I do from here?

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    • Yes I would just leave her alone.

    • What do you think is up with her? I mean if she didn't want anything she wouldn't have replied back or said soon right?

  • Give it till the end of the week, if you hear from her, you know it was legit, but if not don't feel bad.


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  • Give her the rope she's asking for.

    Plan time for a weekend date, but nothing that requires money down. See if she delivers like she said she would. If she's just letting you down easy, then she won't be available. If she was legit, then she will be - or will have a good excuse and will make it up to you the next time.

    Sometimes, responsibilities happen and you can't just dump them, even if you've got feelings happening.