Help? I'm stuck in a love triangle with best friend?

Details: Me: age 28/male
Best friend: age 31/female
Other Guy: age 27

I knew my best friend for about 2 years before nervously dropping the hint that I'm starting to like her as more than friend. She confessed that she really likes me as well

However there was this one guy that is also pursuing her. I knew her before he, but I was already off the markets because I was already dating someone else. He somehow creeped into my social circle of friends and i somehow became friends with him.

My best friend knows everything about me. For example every date I've been on with different girls, and all the personal basics information about me.

Before I told her my feelings I found out that she didn't want to ruin friendship by telling me she liked me that way.

But circumstances have changed.. she told me whether the other guy that is also pursuing her is bothering me. Replied it was not a problem to me, but if he did something to her, hurt her or anything, I will personally deal with this.

I mean I have known her longer than him, I know everything about my best friend and this guy just knew her less longer.

What should I do? I hate to put her in this situation but She feels stuck having to make a decision between both of us.

Please let me know if you need more information. Thanks people.


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  • She feels stuck having to make a decision because she does. She's 31 years old not 15, she needs to pick one and not string the other along ASAP. While she is willing to let you both pursue her, broaden your horizons elsewhere as well. After all, that's what she is doing.


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