Have you ever been jealous or had problems being happy for your friend?

Have you ever been jealous or had problems being happy for your friend for something? even if you want to be, but you can't look past the fact that you dont have it or will have problems achieving it?

My own personal experience is that my best friend can date guys because first of all she is beautiful, and second of all she is very charming and can talk to anyone about anything. I used to be so jealous of her and i never got happy on her behalf, i just got depress because i knew i was never going to date a guy. But now i just followed her to a first date, and she was so nervous and just fearing the worst, but very happy at the same time. i can honestly say that im very excited and very happy for her! She really deserves and needs to go on this date (she feels she inst pretty enough sometimes), the guy is very cute and by the things she told me about him he is a very nice guy

And its nice that something exiting is happening in her life, firstly she deserves to be happy with a guy for once and secondly nothing happens in my love life or my life i general, so now i can get more gossip and inside guy info lol


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  • for the people I know in my life, no not really. maybe just 1, im jelly that my friend has a 1 year old baby daughter and living with the mother. I really wanna experience that sooner rather than later:P now he has the benefit of still being pretty damn young when his daughter is 18. im running out of time hahaa.


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