Can I call her after she made it clear she doesn't want me?

She is my best fmale friend , we always fight but we akways get back to each other , but last time we fought was after her mother met me , i know her mother didn't like me at all , so she just didn't care to talk to me after our fight and it was a stupid fight , but i told her that her mom didn't like me and she never say no , she put a plan to meet then she said in the last minute no , i got upset cause i knew her mother was the reason when i got pissed i didn't say anything so she got pissed that i was being cold with her then she said u always talk to me like that with no reason i told her no u r the one who is moody with me she never replaied for months now its stupid i know she was just loooking fir something to cut her realtionship with me but she has no right ti di this I've always been a great freind for her , and i miss her so bad especially tomorrow is my graduation and i dont want to go so having her tomorrow would make me feel better but i can't even call her and tell her this , i feel like that i should give her what she wanted she wanted me out if her life but i miss her now more than any ither time and i dont know what to do?


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  • i would apologize and just take the fall even if you did nothing wrong if it takes you apologizing to her mom then i would just to avoid conflict with her but i don't think u half to apologize to her mom just treat her with respect and keep her out of the relationship you have with her daughter you can't please everyone and if her mom can't except you thats her moms issue not urs all you can do is prove her mom wrong about you and be respectful ur not a bad guy for this so don't feel bad for someone not liking you who cares what other people think just don't make yourself out to look bad just because her mom doesn't like you still be the man you are to rise above others bullcrap

  • Dear Annymous,
    Its Always heart breaking & difficult when a close relationship breaks down, especially as you've been close friends for a while, but if you think she was trying to find "excuses" to break the relationship anyway, its sounds to me as though she just had enough, and maybe this is her way of dwindling things off, for whatever her reasons? Unfortunately you may just have to accept that this is how she wants it. maybe she felt it ran its course? I would go to your graduation & hold your head up high! You don't really need her anymore if she doesn't want you.
    Don't contact her, she may come round eventually, But don't wait for her!!


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