Girlfriend of 9 Months Goes Silent?

I have been dating this girl for over 9 months, and then something just happened.

Last Friday, we had a drunken discussion about our relationship and she thought I was not being as affectionate as she wished. We agreed I needed to pay more attention, and it ended with everything being fine (I thought)

Saturday and Sunday were fine, we hung out like we always do, joking, laughing, making plans for things to do in the coming months.

Then Sunday night happened. I left for a work trip to Florida, and when I landed I sent her a text saying that I was safe and I had landed. This led to a nice conversation and she even sent me a picture of her in the tub saying she wished I was there.

Then I posted a status on Facebook about sitting on the beach in Florida, and she sent "glad you get to go to the beach, you do not even like the beach" After this text, she has been silent for 2 days.

Then today my friend called me and asked if I was ok. I was rather confused on what he meant, and he said that my girlfriend had changed her relationship status on Facebook (I am to old for this drama, but it still raised questions)

I tried to give her a call just to see what was up, and she did not answer.

I have not bugged her the past 2 days. I have only sent two texts to her: a cute bird on Florida, and a confirmation that we were going to see Neil Degrease Tyson give a lecture in October.

Is this her subtle way of telling me it is over, without actually telling me? Need thoughts from girls who might be able to help.


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What Girls Said 1

  • never heard of anything like that. Sounds like something a guy would do, not a girl. You should call her, her house, anything. You still at florida?

    • Yes, I am here until Thursday for work so can not do much about it. I tried calling her when my friend mentioned it to me, but she didn't answer.

      This whole thing is just a WTF situation

    • Does she hás a friend you can trust? You could ask for help.

What Guys Said 1

  • Her comment in reference to your visit to the beach, in my opinion, implies that she of the opinion you went to the beach for reasons other than... enjoying the beach. In my opinion, she likely feels that you went to observe the hot women on the beach, etc. And thus, the explanation of her silent treatment and status change.

    • It just might be.

      She was always so concerned about me leaving her, even tho I gave her no reason to believe this. She event went through my phone about a month ago, and that was a pleasant conversation with her.

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