Should I kiss him on the first date? need advice?

Ok so Im 17 and i have a date with a 17 year olg guy tomorrow. I never had a real date, and I've never been in love before but i had sex with 9 different guys in the past couple , all one nights stand...
I never had sober sex or made ''love'' before and i usually do this with older guys (19-23) who are more experienced than i am
the guy i have a date with doesn't know about my past, he's my age and only had sex 2 or 3 times
He said he wanted to kiss me on our first date but i think he wants to do more than just kissing
should i let him? and should i tell him about my past? he's gonna think im a hoe..

in the past couple months*


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  • I honestly don't agree with what you chose to do in the past, but that was.. past. I think its okay if you kissed him on the first date IF you have no feelings for him and again it's gonna be a one night stand.


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  • just shake it off.

  • Try to catch his mind and if you think you can handle the situation gave him the right moves.


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  • at this point just go for it