Are you intimidated by a person who prevously had a serious relationship? Would you be more cautious or it wouldn't matter?

Say the person was in a 5 1/2 year long relationship & used to live with her ex. How would you react to this. Would it even matter. How would you view this girl dating material or a serious relationship type.


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  • It would depend on how long it has been since that relationship ended. I would be hesitant dating a woman coming out of such a heavy relationship if she was only a few weeks out. There would be a massive amount of baggage at that point, and there would be a lot of emotional work and inevitable comparisons and the like. The longer she has been out of it, the less intimidating it would be.

    Most of my relationships have been long'ish term, usually 2 years or more, so the long term doesn't bother me at all. It is just that I understand the state people are in when they first come out of one of those relationships. And I don't want to become a 'rebound'. Better for her to get that out of her system first. There are a lot of guys looking for something less committal who are perfect for rebounds. I'm not one of them though. But outside of that concern, her having a history of long term doesn't mean much. If I am into her, I am into her.


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  • I would think that she apparently dates with the intent of the relationship being long term. that's about the only thing I'd think about it.

  • It doesn't matter to me important is the present situation.


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