What's the line between playing hard to get and giving the cold shoulder? Will not replying really keep me on his mind?

Imagine this on social networking messaging as I only see him once a week. I've already kissed him but how far can I pull away to leave him wanting more but not annoyed? This sounds more vain than intended o. O


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  • if you don't reply then he's gonna assume you have no interest and move on from you.

    • How long would it be until you got annoyed? Like an hour or two?

    • if we were texting for a whole day then anything over 30 min would make me go like bleh... but depending on how you're replying back is what matters more than the time, unless the time is just ridiculously long amounts lol. so like if you're planning on taking some time responding then put good effort into each response. effort and thought.

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  • Playing hard to get is, in my opinion, one of the Forbidden arts. You could really hurt a guy by doing that. Plus it could make him really needy.


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