He asked me to reconsider dating him again?

Ugh this is incredibly confusing. So I met this guy online & we went on 5 fun dates (nothing physical happened).. I broke it off b/c I thought we were way too different. He drinks/parties more than I do & has a promiscuous past which bothers me.. he said he usually tends to get into friends with benefits situations (not relationships) with girls. I rarely drink & think sex is about love b/w a guy and girl.. so obviously we're VERY different haha

We agreed to be platonic friends, but we've been getting closer & closer the past few weeks. I always have fun just talking/joking around with him. We text each other nonstop everyday & last time we hung out I realized I was falling for him. He confessed a few days ago he's still attracted & he feels a strong emotional connection w/me. He said he wants to date again & explore the possibility of a long-term relationship. I like him a lot, but I'm wary of his drinking & sexual past.. I'm supposed to give him an answer tomorrow and I have no idea what to do?


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  • Well if you are falling for him, I'd say give him a chance everyone one change, maybe you are a good reason for him to change. I'd say give it another go and see what he does. See if his actions match his intentions


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