Do guys like/want to be the last one to say good night to the girl?

Like when you're dating, and before she sleeps at night, you tell her goodnight or when you're talking on the phone with her and the conversation starts to end, do you say good night last or not and do you wait for her to hang up or do you hang up first?


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  • I like it to be said and think both would prefer the other to be the last. I think it's better if the guy is the last because from my perspective it's more gentlemanly.

    • omg! that's what I like too! But i thought it was unfair to the guy. If I had to chose one trait in my guy it'd definitely be chivalrous/ gentlemanly. thank you!

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    • thank you =)

    • no, thank YOU :)

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  • that's meaningless

  • Wants the girl to say the word

    • As in she says it first and then you say it or you say it and hope she says it back?

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