Crash and burn or possible to revive?

Met girl online. one day chatted so much she gave me her number. We talked pretty everyday for 2 weeks. During this time she sent me selfies. If I wanted to talk to her I’d write her a message, if no response I’d leave it alone. Most of the time I’d get responses from her 2 to 3 hours later and would continue to talk to me from than on. This past Friday (3 weeks into knowing each other) she called me after a wedding asking me to meet up with her, she seemed nervous and obviously was a little intoxicated, and said maybe. I ended meeting up with her (1st time) and everything went good (hung out for an hour at local bar)... at least I thought so. I took the risk of meeting up with her when all her friends were with her... def was bombarded. If I made a bad impression when she was intoxicated that would be really bad…haha The next day (Sat) I texted her asking how she was feeling and she responded later that day saying horrible... we talked for a bit and stopped when she said she had to get ready for b-day party. Hours later I sent her one message no response. I did a couple of times later that night (12am and on) with a funny selfie and she responded and sent a pic of herself that night at 2:30am and I complimented her... she noticed in my picture I wasn't wearing something I always wear. Sunday (next day) I texted her asking if she had fun.. No response. Did not say another thing. Monday texted and sent her a pic of me playing Hookie from work hiking, she responded asking me where i went, Of course right... confused. I responded a little later telling her how long the hike was and where I went... no response. 2 hours later I called her about 10pm no pick up. Left voicemail telling her I just got home and wanted to talk to her before I went to bed and to call back... that’s where I’m at... its the next day and have not contacted her. She playing hard to get? Leave it alone for a while? Spark gone? Got someone else on her mind? She wants attention? possible to revive?


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  • IMO, you are contacting/texting her WAY too much. Once a day and sometimes twice a day? And even if you just send a pic its still an attempt at contacting.
    I think she's so used to you contacting her she knows she doesn't have to put in hardly any effort on her part.
    Id back off just a little bit, maybe let a day or two go by without contacting her.
    Trust me she will wonder why you aren't chasing her like you were.


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