How do you date a crush after being friends with her for a long time?

I joined this site to maybe find potential answers to my question within some already-made questions. Then I found that I'm somehow pretty good at relationship advice, despite the fact that I've never actually had a girlfriend (or come close). I think this is going to be a long question, but I'll try to make it as readable as possible.

So, there's this girl. I first met her last year when she was a freshman and I was her group leader for this introductory high school thing (I'm two grades ahead). Then we ended up being in the same yearbook class. I didn't really talk to her much until this one time at the end of last semester last year when we had to stay after school to keep working, and it was just me and her, and I really enjoyed talking with her.

So, we started to sit next to each other every class. We talked a lot. Eventually she would tell me little stories, and tell me her thoughts and sometimes her problems. I felt like we kinda started to flirt, but I am never too sure on all the signs and such because once again I've never had a girlfriend, and I've never known for sure what it's like for someone to "like" you. I mean, from the physical contact and the looks she gave me and the eye contact (I'm in love with her eyes too!) and everything it really seemed like she liked me.

Around the end of last year I didn't know. She didn't talk to me as much, she didn't walk with me after class got out. And this year it's kind of still like that.

I'm concerned that I've lost my opportunity. I mean we still talk quite a bit, she still made it clear she wants to sit next to me, etc. But outside of class activities, I really don't know. I have a car now, and the one time I asked if she wanted to go anywhere for lunch she said she was already going somewhere with her friends.

So, what should I do? Am I friendzoned?
sorry for the long post! I have to elaborate.
Please ask more questions or for clarification if you want.


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  • My god I've been there alot, my friend and its a real hard puzzle to put together! firstly i would say her friends probably lead her social activities etc which is impossible to lets say get on the right side of cos groups of girls can be a handful. however curiosity will win the day here and i would bet your on her mind as much as she is on yours! keep just being you and chatting when possible and remember this a "a seed is planted to grow and bear fruit" remember that and you will be fine!

    • Well yeah I hope I'll be fine! I'm planning to just see if she'll go to lunch with me this week and we can talk and stuff.

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    • Feel free to mate hope all goes well and remember the turtle won the race in the end! good luck

    • Do you know why this question was on the front page for me

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  • just be honest! I know it seems scary but try to tell her your feelings, try to be subtle and understanding if she doesn't feel that way towards you. hopefully you guys can still be friends after if she doesn't feel that way, and if she does, then there you go!

    • I don't know when I would admit anything. And how exactly would I admit something?

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