Help I don't know what to do about this girl?

So this girl I used to work with has a serious boyfriend. We are friends, but sometimes I feel like she wants to be more than friends. We only physically worked together a few times, but when we did we always hit it off. She is naturally flirty, she's Polish (which I believe are natually flirty), and she used to laugh at like everything I said. She emailed me randomly out of the blue when we still worked together, and we started chatting frequently after this. I left about a year ago. She works at the bank i bank at, so I email her directly when I have questions. She always responds right away, and always goes out of her way to be super helpful, even emailing me updates. One day she was off work and still replied back to my email. Since I've left I pretty much initiate most of the conversation, but she will chat with me over the course of a few days. I hadn't seen her in months after I left, I walked into her bank but she was busy with a client, so I just waived. By the time I got back to my car she had already emailed me excited to see me saying we should do lunch, me her and a mutual guy friend of ours, who is friends with her boyfriend. It never happened they went with out me.

So we still chat, I invited her to a lunch with a mutual guy friend she said yes, but canceled the day before.

So like I said I initiate most conversations. A few fridays ago she emailed me from her personal email (which I didn't know). The emails subject was a ;), and the email had a link to a YouTube clip about hot chicks being crazy, lol. It also had her name and cell #, almost like a signature. But it was from a gmail acct, so I thought it was weird she had that signature.

Anways, I started texting her after that. I said we should do lunch sometime, and she said "definitely!" and we made plans to go last friday, but I had to cancel on her the morning of.

What do you think this girl wants? Because I can't tell, what should I do?

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  • She wants to get with me
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  • She just likes my attention
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  • Given that she invited a mutual friend, who, by the way, is a friend of her boyfriend, to accompany the two of you to lunch, it sounds as if she is either rather bold, if her intention is to have a fling, etc. with you, or she simply wants a friendship with you.

    Being that I have yet to come across such a bold woman, I'd say she wants a friendship. But, I mean, I could be wrong.

    Hang with her, and soon enough you will find out.

    • Agreed and good point. I never heard back about that lunch. Only heard from my buddy that they went. I felt that email was bold, no? No hints there?

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    • Yes she is a natural flirt for sure. Like I said, I never worked with her enough to distinguish how she acts different with other guys.

      The fact she was going to meet me for lunch alone, bold?

    • That depends on whether such an interactions with a guy is uncommon or common for her. But, generally speaking, yes, it is a bold move.

  • Its really hard to determine what she wants I say just go with the flow and if it goes for the better go for it, just make sure her boyfriend is out of the picture because its possible that he is

    • I mean she's emailing and texting me on the side. I'm not sure he knows about me. I'm trying to go with the flow, and talk to her/pursue her, but I'm also trying to play cool so it's not weird.

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    • Yes...

    • well its possible she wants something on the side, or she just wants to be friends, I guess we can't help find her ulterior motives. You just have to go through with it and see whats going to happen

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