Which guy do you think I should date?

Guy #1 is in the 12 grade I think he is cute but I don't know him. He seems to know everyone even my friends. He also seems like a guy who loves to joke around and if in a relationship he knows what to do. Guy #2 is in my grade (11th) we have been flirting since last year. We have been talking since I was in my last relationship. Lately he was always tooken when I single and this is the first time that we are both single. He is also cute and I could see how it would be if we were together. He is different from the other guy, people don't really like him, but I felt the same way before I knew him... so what do you think?


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  • Goodness, I have to be honest no offense to you but I hate these questions. How about you get to know both guys personally not just think what they "seem" like but learn who they actually are then decide based off of who you think would make a better match for you and who seems to win in the personality area. Or I don't know flip a coin?

    • I agree with this. QA can't like two guys at once. It's impossible. Just get to know them. Right now, she's probably lusting them (enjoying their attention)

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  • gut number 2!!! you guys need to be together! it's fate

    • I also feel like we might also have some awkward conversation moments

    • every couple does, and its getting over those awkward moments thats let you get know each other

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