How do I talk to him?

It's this boy i'm really starting to like and I find him starring at me during class sometimes and he look away. When i look at him he looks away quickly. How should i start a conversation with him? I'm shy, he's shy, so it seems. Does he like me or find me attractive at least?


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  • He probably likes you. Ask him how his day is so far or what he did on the weekend or what plans he has for the weekend (although be careful about that last one because it might imply that you hope he's not busy so that you can hang out). There was one guy I liked whose locker was next to mine. I started saying "Have a nice day" every day after school. Eventually he started to ask me how my day was and we became good friends :)
    Good luck! I hope everything goes well. Let me know how it goes and if there's any other advice I can give you :)


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