Does a shy guy avoid girls he likes?

I'm interested in this cute shy guy I see around for years now cause he works at my pool desk. I'd say bye and hi in passing and smile sweetly and he'd respond nicely. he'd look at me from afar sometimes, has always been super polite and sweet to me...

but i approached him one day to help me with something and he just got real quiet and gave me 1 word answers like "yes" or 'no" and just stood there staring at me the whole time and so I'd keep asking questions until I gave up and was like k thank you byee... Now I dont know if he just didn't like me at all or if he got nervous? does this sound like something a shy guy would do? I'm so used to other guys elaborating a bit more and being chatty so i dont get it


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  • I can be shy at times, but if a girl speaks to me first I'll open up and talk. Yeah he's really shy. Wow. He may not be interested, but he sounds really shy to me. Hard to tell. You would have known by then if it was me.

    • I was asking him to help me locate something I wasn't really making conversation if it makes sense, but I secretly knew the answers to what i was asking lol. i wanted him to talk to me :( and he still just did one word brief answers... like I asked if they had a sauna on the 3rd floor (because i know they have one on the first only so i wanted him to explain that secretly) and he just said "No" and just stood there staring at me looking scared. So I'd ask well is there one anywhere else? and he goes "yeah there's one downstairs..." still looking scared like i was holding him at gun point lol... im so confused

    • Hmmmm. Again it's hard to tell. I know if I was interested I think I would have opened up to you, but I guess some guys are much more shy than others. If he's that nervous then maybe he does like you and his overly nervousness is a reaction.

    • thank you, i guess ill try again haha :)

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  • There are a few possibilities.
    1. He was shy/nervous
    2. Something completely unrelated was bothering him
    3. He doesn't like you.
    I think #3 is the least likely.

  • aw, that's nice. He definitely likes you. He's probably just nervous. I am kinda like that.

    • But if a girl comes up to you why are you still nervous? lol. This guy literally was standing there during our brief interaction and it was as if i was holding a gun, he looked either really scared or just really doesn't like me (which wouldn't make sense cause in passing he's always super polite and smiles etc.)

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    • I didn't like him til recently... I used to ignore him haha. I guess I'll have to give it another shot somehow ahha. thanks!

    • yeah he's probably just used to being ignored. Give him a lil' hint I guess. Good luck :)

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  • noooo I'm sorry :( even shy guys find a way to interact with the girl he likes. it's just a boy thing. they'll talk to her if they like her, simple as that

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