Wondering and just wondering and continue to wondering?

Am a traditional girl, so traditional, I have a boyfriend I would like to make him so happy with every way, but sometimes I can't, he ask me staff that's it's normal between bf and gf :/ but for me I find it kinda weirdo and yeah I didn't do that before and I didn't has boyfriend like him before, he said he loves me as I'm but I wanna make him happy and make thing he want I wanna give him everything but sometimes I can't so I wondering how can I change from being that To much traditional to be girl of the days :/ without infect my personality :/


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  • Be true to who you are. It is okay to be traditional.
    Are you talking about sex?

    • something like that :/ I can't do any of does staff am not comfortable with it :/ I can't to tell him this because he may think I don't like him :/

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    • Thank you you did really help me so much ^^

    • You are totally welcome. :)

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