What is a normal time that couples should go without texting eachother? What's a good rate to make sure I don't under-text or over-text this girl?

I've been seeing this girl for about 1 month un-officially, and things are going pretty good, we see eachother just about 1 time a week..

She'll initiate texting me with "Good morning you"more often, and some times she doesn't when she's busy of course, and I try to initiate the same kind of thing when she doesn't text me first in the day. I try to give her space without losing her attention.

It's been about a year and a half that I've been in any kind of relationship, and I don't want to over-text her, or under-text her... she ISN'T exactly a texty-type of girl though.

So basically the question is... What is a normal amount of time couples go without texting one another? How often should I not text her at all in one day? Should I skip more than a day or two without texting her, or will she think that's strange?

  • Let her initiate texting towards me first
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  • Skip a day or two from texting her, give her some space
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  • Skip one day
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  • Just go with the flow...
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  • I would just go with the flow. and just be yourself when you text, so what I mean by that is if you really are busy and you stepped away from the phone then that is your off time from texting her, the time in between the texts. me personally, I always text back right away whenever I can, I couldn't care less if the girl thinks I look clingy. its what I do and am comfortable with. I actually tried the whole, okay she just texted me so i'll wait 5 minutes, I realized it was so dumb lol. I naturally started doing that, so i'll see a text but then I'm doing something on the computer so i'll finish up and then realize about 8 minutes had past and then text back. just go with the flow and your everyday life and what you're comfortable with.

    • EXACTLY DUDE, I always find myself saying "Alright... wait 3 minutes... or 15 before texting her back... don't text her back immediately an come off as clingy" at times. I don't want to do that game playing type of mind set, I just want to be myself like you're saying. I guess I'll text her when ever I feel like in some moderation. Thanks for your opinion man.

    • hahaa hey no problem d00d :D

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  • Why skip a day? If things are going well why rock the boat? I think you are over-thinking it. I do that a lot too.

  • Text her daily in the beginning and then move onto every other day


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