Why does my crush ignore me when she sees me outside?

here's a backview of us.
I liked her for two years. We always play fights and get really close to each other in class. She's really popular too. We only talk in school. She knows i like someone in our class and months ago she was pestering me to find out who it was. Recently she found out that it was her and she kind of avoids me. I saw her outside today. We had eye contact for a second, then we just awkwardly walked past each other. Im kind of shy and under these circumstance, i usually wait for the other to smile or say hi first as im afraid I may get ignored. But she's more of the social one and im sad that we just walked past each other just like that, pretending we didn't see each other. In school when i walk past her she would hit me playfully. But in public, she was walking alongside her other friend who was using her phone. Why didn't she say hi to me?

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What Girls Said 1

  • I would only act this way if I didn't feel the same about you as you did for me. Unfortunately, that might be the case here also.


What Guys Said 1

  • She probably doesn't like you back. If she did, she would've either told you or kept associating with you whenever. I mean there's a chance she thinks its awkward to talk outside of class but you're not gonna be in class forever.