Does this friendship seem normal to you? Or is there a future of a relationship ahead? What do you think?

The girl I am in love with is also my best friend. We met a year 1/2 ago through a mutual friend and have been inseparable ever since. The thing is, she's 4 years older than me and when i asked her out the first time, she told me I'm too young and we should stay friends. I ended up moving on, but then in the long run after breaking up with my ex GF, i started to fall in love with her.

We do everything together and are so similar. Her family loves me and her mom always says how crazy alike we are. What hurts most, is that she sometimes goes on dates with guys she meets online. They never work out, but it still hurts. a few weeks ago, she told me she found a guy that she does like, but he doesn't seem to like her that much. He never invites her to do anything alone and I would do ANYTHING to have the opportunity to go on a date with her.

I got upset when she called her mom in front of me to tell her about the guy she likes. And meanwhile I was staying with her at her house b/c her family was on vacation. I took care of her for 6 days when she was sick and when she got better, she still wanted me to stay over.

Every morning she would compliment me on how good i look in my work clothes saying "you look so fancy", "you look good, i never get to see you in your work clothes" & "you look cute" and every time she would be checking me out. Also, when I would leave for work, she would give me a kiss on the cheek and say "have a good day at work" in a cute voice as if we were a couple.

Today, I kissed her on the cheek, but she leaned in and didn't kiss me back, just let me kiss her. We're just friends, but I've been living with her and she says she's lonely and wants me to stay with her when her family is on vacation. Our friends all think that we're together, and they always say that we should date.

I would do anything for this girl, she means the world to me and i don't know what to do to take it further.


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  • You need to stay as far away from her as possible! She doesn't want you, just the comfort she gets from you. People can say whatever but if you were meant to date then you would be in a relationship! She knows you like her and enjoys the attention. She probably cares about you too but not the way you want her to. So what if she says you look nice? I say that to half my friends if they look good on a day. If she really wanted more, both of you wouldn't have been able to resist each other and gotten into something by now. She probably really does see you as her younger friend who keeps her young but isn't old enough to give her what she wants. I'm just guessing on that one and it hardly matters since she doesn't want anything from you. I'm sorry but move on


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  • She is disinterested in dating you, which, if anything, her actions clearly indicates. Yet, with disregard of this, you continue in the relationship with the intention of being more. And thus, nowhere you are getting, fast, and getting nowhere you are.

    By all appearances, it's evident that their is a chasm between you two. There is a contrast in agendas for being in the friendship. There is also a difference in the way you perceive one another. You, admittedly, feel that she is the bag and the chips and therefor want her for your own, while she wants you to be nothing more than a platonic friend to her.

    And if dating other guys and openly addressing them in your presence and turning her cheek as you kissed her are not signs of the above, then I frankly do not know what is.

    With that in mind, you cannot make her feel something for you she does not, nor should you blame her, as she has been honest and forthcoming. Thus, I ask of you, why, knowing what you know, that she does not feel the same, would you expect her to suddenly come around and decide to date you, seriously? Is that not settling?

    In any event, I do hope that you are entertaining other options. If not, your clingy behavior is perhaps pushing her further away from dating you. Think about it. She goes out, dating guys and whatnot, while you persistently tug at her sleeves and cater. Therefor, she likely does not respect you enough to be her partner.

    I mean, If you want her, perhaps in the future, you have to be confident enough to walk. Date others. Simple as that.

    I mean