What would be more natural to do in this situation? please heeelp!?

Basically i dated this guy 7 months ago, it didn't get serious because it was a bad timing and he didn't live close to me. We stopped talking for months but remained as friends and he just moved to my town, and contacted me.

I met him and we had a great day togehter, he didn't kiss me which made me think okay maybe he didn't like me? but than i thought im thankful he didn't kiss me because if he had it would have been disrespectful.
He did say i should contact him whenever i wanted to hang out, if im bored etc and i should go over to his place for coffe, it sounds good to contact him but im still hesitating on that.. i dont want to be hurt and rejected.

Im going away for 10 days soon and i told him maybe we can meet after my trip and he said yes we can :) so thats a good sign?

Anywho what would a guy prefer, should i ask him to join me in a fun activitity.. i was thinking of mini golf or lazer tag, or should i ask him to go out for dinner?

Last time we dated we had nice dinners at my place and we had sex etc but i dont feel like doing that this time, i want to get time to know him, and have fun and for him not to think oh she's in love with me , wants to go to dinner etc..

I dont want to scare him away by acting desperate

What would be more natural?


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  • The natural thing as you say would be to hang out with him on a fun activity to which i would not suggest dinner. Be playful and don't give it in too soon. Let him play hard to get. ;)

    • I feel like we went from being lovey dovey to just friends and fun , which is okay because things did go to fast, we dated for a month only so not to long but i still have some feelings, and the fact he contacted me means something i guess?

    • Well yes, that obviously meant something. But here you're trying to make sure if he is serious into you or is it just a booty call. Give it some time.

    • Ye, i guess i just need to wait and see next time i meet him. Im honestly just so afraid of contacting him and being rejected, so I've thought several times not to talk to him again

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  • Go on the date, see what happens. If it leads to sex, then obviously it did buttttt that way you'll at least get to know him more


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  • as u said try the laser tag or golf. getting to know him is a good thing. If anything else does happen during that time tell him u like him and u don't want this to be only a sex thing. I hope this kinda helped.

    • Thank you. I dont think its going to be a sex thing, but i dont want to get hurt, i dont want to sleep with him again and for it not to develope into something serious. Either friends or dating , because i dont want to be anything in between.