How to tell if you're a rebound?

When dating someone new, who had someone before you, how do you know he's just using you to get over the break up?


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  • I would be very careful in getting into a relationship with a guy who just broke up within the past 3 months. I say CAREFUL, not impossible.

    Observe how he treats you: does he do things for you that are special? Does he listen to you when you talk? Does he spend time with you on things that you enjoy? Does he introduce you to his friends and family?

    • That's very helpful! Thanks

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  • Pretty much any woman that comes directly after another is a rebound. Although the guy may not treat you that way. It is entirely possible to fall in Love yet again and in that sense you simply do not know. I would just treat the relationship just like any other relationship you have.

    I've avoided rebounds by simply having a hand full of friends with benefits. That way after a break up I do not have to be sad the day of. I can literally go pick one of these women up, go out for drinks and all night long.

    I've only had one instance of me using a woman as a rebound. I pretty much found out that was not fun at all. She didn't even come to see me, I got to kiss her once during a 1 month relationship.. soo... big mistake on my part.

    But I never have to worry about that again. Friends with benefits rock.

    • I wish everyone handled things the way you do. Thank you :)

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