I like a girl but she is really hot. What should I do?

So I've recently started sixth form and there is a girl in the year above who is very hot. Everyone talks about her, but I don't feel like they lust over her like I do. As she is in the year above, it causes some complications, because it's hard to talk to her because I have no lessons with her. You'll all say it's a crush because she's hot, but as soon as I said hi to her and let out a brief smile I instantly fell 'in love' or whatever others call it. I'm an average looking guy, but get on with everyone. It's a small year so everyone knows eachother and im very friendly with girls. As in im comfortable talking to them and what not. I would have to say personality is my best trait. The real question is, how can I possibly talk to her. It isn't the case of just strolling over to her group of friends in the year above and making a fool of myself. So how can I get in contact with her? Should i justt spark up a conversation when she walks by me alone? Do you think I have a chance at all?


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  • If everyone talks about her, you've got your work cut out for you. Especially as you're not stand-out hot. But go you for the personality angle *AND* for having already spoken with her. That's something to build on.

    Is she on facebook?

    Are there any clubs or whatever that you could have cross-interests in?

    Your best bet may be to strike up a conversation when she strolls by. Try to have something non-school related with you, that's interesting. A book. Something you're working on (design drawings, etc). How strict are uniforms? Can you have a lapel pin? Comment on anything she's got, or something you touched on in prior conversation. Try to engage her so that your personality can win you some attention.

    Don't try too hard until got some contact. Don't want to come across as too panting/chasing her down.

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