How can I move on from this guy when feelings are there?

We met months ago. Connection built over time but as he's so busy today I ended things. Never felt this way for any guy so I feel numb and so sad.

I was so attracted to him and his personality. Also his maturity. not many guys if any like that where I live so it was hard to let go. Its still raw.

I just felt like he would say he could see me cus he felt bad to say he's working he works 12hr shifts 7 days a week.

Also when id try see him before or after work some days he would be so tired that he doesnt. An if I phone he's half asleep :(

I want to be with him but he's started to not make enough effort. I hate my life


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  • Time heal all hearts. Also helps when you meet someone new. Focus on yourself and improving yourself in any way. Do things that make you happy :)


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  • You would make him choose between a job that is obviously paying his bills and he needs, and someone that might not last?
    And the scale tips towards career

    • I did not say choose at all. Did you just create that story. I never said either or at all. I said making time for me when he's not working if you read correctly

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