Should Confront him ( nicely) or just disappear?

I met this guy, we hung out spoke a few times. When he first started speaking to me I was very hostile to him but after hanging out with him I started to like him. We spoke on and off for a few times I would hear from him once a week.

After two weeks, he also said he liked me and even dropped the L word, for me I don't believe that you can't love someone you barely know. But he says he likes me and he would let me have anything if that made me happy because he trusts me. The next day he kissed me and he text me after saying sorry if things were awkward and i replied but i was getting some dead replies so i didn't reply. I spoke to him again few days later, it was pretty much the same with uninterested replies he says i don't bother him but it seems like I am. spoke to him first few days later, this time i sounded uninterested because he wasn't as an enthusiastic as he used to be.

I haven't heard from him in 5 days and I am not comfortable with this only hearing from him once in a while because his words don't match his actions and its confusing. I just get the feeling I am just some sort of fling and I won't allow my self to be a part of that.

Should I explain I feel forgotten or should I just disappear from his life without having to provoke emotions on either of our sides. I don't want to make him feel bad because I am sure he isn't doing it intentionally. I honestly do not know what to do because he told me not to fight my feeling for him now it seems like he doesn't like me. and I know if i ask him if that is still the case he might just lie to my face.

What I want from him I am not sure but I just hoped we would progress not go in reverse, or at least stay the same.


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  • If he claims to be into you, it might be worth expressing that you usually interact with people more frequently that you are seeing.


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