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Meet this girl like a month and half ago. We've hung out usually 1, maybe 2 times a week. However, it's almost always with her friends.. so it's hard to make much progress in getting to know her. We've gone on a couple dates alone, and hung out alone at her place a couple times too. She's told me she likes me, and we've had sex, but i feel like i don't know that well, and it's hard to with the above reasons. Recently. she's gotten really busy with work and college and hardly hang out or talk, it's difficult to get together the two of us. I hate txting her cause it feels like am probably annoying her being she's so busy. I want to ask her to be my girlfriend. Basically am i doing something wrong or what should i be doing make this thing progress.


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  • Being in college and having a job keps you pretty busy, I'm a junior and work. Try taking her to class if you can, or see if she would like some help studying (completely non-sexual). Definitely ask about helping her study, and show up with Starbucks


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