How many exes do you have?

How many exes do you have? Please state your age.

First love? First kiss? First oral? First time (have sex)? State at what age.

How many sex partners?

My turn first. I have 2 exes (only count relationship), and a boyfriend right now. First love: I'm still not sure what is love. First kiss: Early 15. First oral: 15 almost 16. First time: 17. 1 sex partner, or maybe 2 if that counts I'm not sure. I'm 18. Now it's your turn :)


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  • 3-4 exes. There is a maybe in there. I think the 3rd committed but it was so short.

    First kiss, oral, sex, wtvr was 19 basically.

    Sex partners? 12. Most girls out there are anything but relationship material unfortunately. I could settle for a desperate fatty and all.. but hell no.


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  • I'm 30, and married to the only person I ever really dated. I went out a time of two with a few other girls in groups mostly, buy I meet my future wife at 15 and she is the only woman I ever really tried to date. I knew I loved her 3 weeks in and told her in the 4th week by accident. To my shock she replied without delay and I could tell she meant it. The first kiss was about a week later. We held off on all sexual things for a few years, our first experimentation with oral sex was at 17, and we were out of high school with fill time jobs and college classes before we had sex (19 years old). She is the only person I have ever done any of these things with, and I the only person she has done these things with. We aren't religious people, this is just how it worked for us and we love it. It means the world to us both that we took our time and got this right.

  • zero (filler)

  • Age 23

    Exes: 0

    First Love: Never had... just all crushes... and I have been crushed every time.

    First Kiss: Never had.

    First Oral: Never Had

    First Time: Never had.

    • Cool

    • Lol. You probably are just being nice. Don't you mean "embarrassing"?

    • No I mean it's cool. And that's great you don't have to worry about all those nasty STDs :)

  • First kiss 15, first love at 18 I met her, first oral haven't done it, first time 22; sex partners 1

    • How old are you now?

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    • If I'm a guy I wouldn't enjoy eating girls out though my friends told me it tastes nasty :/

    • Maybe, but it's not about the taste what I'm interested it's about returning the favor and to please her un different ways... I assume you don't like to be tasted

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  • Zero exes. I was 21 when I experienced everything else, sex partner count is still 1.

  • 18. i have 2 real exes.
    first love Beau.
    first kiss Francisco.
    first oral Beau
    first time Beau
    2 partners

    • I meant state the age you got your 1st kiss/oral/sex not his name lol

    • im so fuckin stupid LMAO!!! but im cute. so im okay with that.

      um. kiss 8th grade... so...12
      oral 16
      sex 16 haha

  • Jeez you think I can remember all that? I will tell you I have around 4 ex's though. I count ex's as in having an actual exclusive relationship with them. The rest I just saw and dated. I wasn't one for being exclusive when I was a youngin.

    • Yup the one I count are exclusive relationship, I can't remember every friends with benefits I have though.

  • 21 and zero to all. I like my number.

  • None lul- 18

  • One. We only kissed a few times.

  • I honestly don't know xD but trust me i'm not a slut

  • I'm 21.
    I have one ex.
    Never been in love. Just adoration.
    First kiss, 15.
    First oral, 17.
    First time, 15.
    I've had 6 partners. Sounds bad having to say it lol

  • I am 18
    No exes (never been in a relationship)
    I have been in love twice.
    no kiss
    no oral
    no sex
    I have only cuddled with a guy and hugged,,, that is it

    • Cool.

    • Or pathetic. None of this is my choice. Guys don't like ugly girls

    • You're only 18 it's no biggie :)

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