New bf didn't get my anything for my bday?

So I have a new bf. We've been seeing each other for over a month.. it's been 6 weeks exactly! It's still very new and to be honest I was a little iffy about the whole commitment too soon but he insisted. We're older- he's 36 I just turned 28. I met him from an online dating site. After our first date he wanted us to close our accounts.. So I agreed to it bc I didn't want to lose him. Anyway.. I don't know why I think this is odd or making me feel some type of way but not even a bday card? In the past I've dated guys (obviously) and one that I was dating for only 3.5 weeks still got me a bday gift.. it was a joke gift (bottle of vodka and some capers.. inside joke) but it was something..

Would this make you feel some type of way too?

Again though- let me make it very CLEAR that I do not want a gift.. I'm not like that.. I mean he could of got me a 99 cent magnet for all I care...


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  • It sounds like he is pretty serious about the relationship and likes you a lot if he asked for you to close your account.

    How does he act around you? Do you feel loved? I think that is the most important part rather than one incidence of not doing a big gesture for your birthday. Perhaps he is not sure what you wanted and didn't want to make it a big deal? I think you should talk to him about it and just mention that it bugs you a little that he didn't do anything. I am the type of person who believe in open and honest relationships. I think that if you don't say anything, this will continue to bug you and just creates more problems, sort of like a snowball effect. Hope this helps!


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  • I think as the guy gets older, he gets to care less about these things.. It doesn't matter to them like it matters to us..