He's taken but the relationship isn't 'steamy' anymore! Is it okay to pursue him?

Okay so theirs this guy and he's everything I would like for in a guy, but he's taken but They fight 24/7. I dont want to be a 'man' snatcher but he's a mutual friend and I believe I could treat him wayy better! Another reason is im pretty sure the romantic feeling between us is mutual. Now im only a junior in high school and he's a senior.. so please no "sit your a$$ down" answers i would love to hear some opinions on what to to.. should I let them work it out, or him/her break it off? Or should I proceed to flirt and junk to let him know im interested?


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  • Honestly, in my opinion, he needs to end it with her before he starts anything with you. If you guys are heavily flirting while he's still dating her, that starts things off bad. Just think, how would you feel if you were dating a guy, it was getting rough and another girl came in and started heavily hitting on him?

    Give them some time. Be his friend. If he ends it, then definitely pursue a relationship with him. :)


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  • Be careful, because if he cheats on her with you when things are bad with his current girlfriend, he'll do the same to YOU when things are bad between you two. Best to wait until he breaks up with her himself.


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  • Being there is Trouble in Paradise and they seemingly, Knowingly 'Fight 24/7,' Tells me this little Romancing the stone Rendezvous is Soon going to Grow----Stone cold. And even if you were to just to 'Proceed to 'Flirt' And Flaunt with him, if it wouldn't be You, it would Certainly be another catch out there, rather than the flopped fish he has on the line right now.
    Stay out of his business, don't get involved with all the lingo. And when I say This, I merely mean: Be as inconspicuous, but Clever as you can, so at least, while the love birds, who are Squawking at the moment, Fight out their battles with their--------War of the Roses, and you Can Still Remain in the background, Yet Stay on the sidelines, Just------To let him know Im interested.
    I have always believed, for it's good to learn while you're this age, that when a guy is someone else's property that he is 'Hands Off' the merchandise. However, with everything you are witnessing and waiting to see or even hear about, they will most likely be a thing of the past before you can Clap your own 'Hands.' For now... Enjoy the show, sweetie...
    And seeing 'The romantic feeling between us' just Might be 'Mutual,' He may even decide to dump this dolly sooner than you think with none of His-------Sit your a$$ down nonsense any longer...
    Then, he is up for grabs... Go for it...
    Good luck. xx