Need advice from male military members?

I have been dating a navy seabee for the past 4 months. I am also in the US Navy. We moved somewhat slow. I waited 3 months to have sex with him. Just needed to make sure he was genuine. I agreed and said he would wait for me. So everything was great with good chemistry. He called me right after our first night together to assure me everything is ok and he is into me and doesn't just want sex.

He is deploying in January. He hasn't called me in a two weeks. Last thing he said was he wanted me to get on birth control to be safe during a conversation. He mentioned he feared divorce and cheating. We are both 29 with no children, never married. He said usually his gf cheat or find another guy during periods he can't call them.

he is very honest so assume if he lost interest he would just tell me. My woman's intuition says he is either 1. Distancing himself a little to decide about us and the upcoming deployment 2. Testing me to see if I freak out with no communication 3. In a training exercise and can t call

guys with military experience esp with deployment please give me advice on what to do? I haven't been texting so I don't come off as clingy


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  • hey i have a question do you like the navy? im thinking about going into the service and i could really use some advice on it like did you like the experience and is training bad or not bad at all just gotta stay focus on the task at hand and im not in the military right now but i have dated someone in the past in the service i think he could be testing you and he's focusing on upcoming deployment i wouldn't worry i think he is trying to gain trust in you because he's been hurt before and i think he's hoping you do stay around and you staying around will show him a lot like your not like his exs and this could work out between you two i think he would be honest about his feelings for you and with you i wouldn't worry i do think you can prove him wrong about girls by being that girl for him and staying by his side