Good looking guy with no confidence in women?

i'm confident in many things. i know i'm great looking i hear it all the time my entire life from everyone, i'm in shape, i'm intelligent, i'm a DJ (like yeah i dj at clubs and stuff), funny person, etc etc etc etc

i KNOW all this about myself and girls like me, i have tons of girl friends (mostly actually) but sometimes i just think "why the hell would she want me?". and its funny casue on the outside i seem like a total douchebag

i've never really had a girlfriend in the past. just one about a year and a half ago, and that was a complete joke i wouldn't even call her my girlfriend we were just hooking up for an extended period of time.


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  • Well try to care about a girl, become involved with her, and see where it goes. Any of your female friends could be a girlfriend opportunity, because if they like you enough to be a friend, then they could like you romantically as well.