HELP-guy friend wants to date me again (I haven't given him an answer)?

Ugh this is incredibly confusing. We actually dated for 3 weeks at first (nothing physical happened). I broke it off even tho I liked him b/c I thought we were WAY too different. He's extremely outgoing, drinks/parties more than I do & has a promiscuous past which bothers me. He tends to get into friends with benefits situations (not relationships) with girls. I rarely drink & think sex should be about love.. so obviously we're VERY different

We agreed to be platonic friends, but we've been getting closer & closer past few weeks. I always have fun just talking/joking around with him. We text each other nonstop everyday & last time we hung out I realized I was falling for him. He confessed a few days ago he's still attracted & he feels an emotional connection w/me. He said he wants to date again & explore the possibility of a long-term relationship. I like him a lot, but I'm wary of his drinking & sexual past.. we're supposed to meet up in a few hours & I'm so nervous I could puke. I don't know what to do/tell him?


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  • Try it. If you're wrong you're wrong and things will eventually be okay


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  • If you have feelings for him go for it. If the two of you broke it off before and are still feeling like it is something you should try again that is what you should do. Hold out of the physical part until you feel good about it, if he really likes you he will meet you in the middle of all these things sooner of later.

  • you should date me instead


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