Girls: How forward are you on your first dates?

I recently met this girl online and she asked me what my schedule was like during the week. I told her and followed up asking why she wanted to know and she explained that she wanted to hang out during the week.

When we were saying goodbye, I went in for a hug but she mistakenly thought I was going to kiss her. It was awkward but I said we need to redo and ended with a few kisses. She then said, "can we seriously hang out though... because a lot of guys just say that they will call"

I just want to know how forward are you. Does that means she likes me a lot, or is this just a personality thing?


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  • I think she likes you and just wants to hang out & get to know you better. Maybe she is just tired of guys blowing her off & just wants a real connection.


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  • She likes u and wanted to make sure you knew it.


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