Help !! Now !! please?

Ok so me and my bf got into an argument today , I haven't called him and he hasn't called me... Should I make the first move.. By the way it's his faught... I found out he was talking on the phone with some girl he claims that he hates... So I'm the one that should be mad


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  • You are in the Right, and with many a trust issue I feel you most likely have Now, let this cad Contact you Now, and when or If he does, for be prepared for leftover hissy fit handouts to you on his end, have a long talk with him about this matter.
    If you stand for this little Missy 'Matter of 'other girls,' you will always have to stoop to whatever poop he decides to toss your 'Waiting in the archives' way...
    Good luck.. Do not chase him... xx


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  • if its not ur fault dont be the first to resolve this matter
    let him understand ur value


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  • Well of you truly feel that u have nothing to be sorry about then dont call him if you do feel some what sorry then call hom

    • I really want to talk to him. But I don't think he's going to calk

    • **call

  • "Help !! Now!! please?"
    Perfect example of a question that will not get answered on GAG.