Guys: What are his intentions?

He is a "friend" of mine and has been for the last 5 years. Nothing physically has ever happened... NOTHING but I have always felt some sexual tension between us. Maybe it's just on my side! Our friendship however consists of joking, random texting and randomly meeting up for drinks.

Recently, he moved to a new city a few hours away from me and invited me out to hang out in his city for an event. We have never really hung out like this before. Is he thinking to be just friendly or more than friends? I told him I bought the ticket to see him and he said "awesome, can't wait!" But nothing about staying with him or things we could do that weekend.

Why invite me? What are his intentions? Guys, do you do things like that just to be friendly?


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  • i think ders nothing wrong to visit him but if u want u can keep paper spray with u for safty


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  • Who knows. If you want to go then go. You'll find out sooner or later.
    What I am saying here is to not over think it. Just go with the flow. not expectations just have a good time