Boyfriend Help now !?

My boyfriend knows I'm mad... And he hasn't called to even talk about it... It's been like 6 hours. What dm should I do?


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  • It depends. Why are you mad?

    Was it just a fight or something you'll both later think was stupid?

    I'd take a walk, get some space. The worst thing to do is just sit there and be upset. You want to be as fresh as possible when you talk next. So, relax a bit. Do something (not just TV or reading) active that gets your mind on other things. Then, if he doesn't call you, call him. Sometimes it takes some time to cool down.

    • It's his faught I found out he was on the phone with a girl he had cheated on me with before

    • Oh. It sounds like he's being dishonest, probably. I wouldn't trust him, after he cheated on you. Unless he really fixed everything from before, and cleaned up majorly, he might do it again. If he is talking to this girl (when you both agreed he wouldn't) then the relationship is in trouble.

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  • Why are you mad?

    • I found out he was talking on the phone to a girl that he had cheated on me with before