I'm so frustrated waiting for this guy to call?

This is bothering me more than usual because he is my ex and things are kind of tense I guess because we're talking again. he's the one who initiated it, he started calling during the summer and I wouldn't call back, but I finally gave in. we saw each other and had a really great time (no sex, just some kissing, lots of talking but not about anything serious relationship-wise even though he did ask me if I have a boyfriend). I got freaked out at the end and told him I would call him when I was ready. I called him after about a week and a half, he was about to get on a plane (back here after being gone a few days) so he couldn't really talk, but after I wished him a safe flight he told me he would "hit me up" when he got back. That was Monday night. I don't really know how to feel, I know he has a hectic schedule, but I hate waiting to hear from him. When he saw each other before he told me he liked me, without me having to ask if he did. He lives a pretty alternative lifestyle (busy musician) but I just hate how this makes me feel. I definitely don't want to call him before he calls me, but does this sound like he will? so far since getting back in touch he has kept his word.

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  • if you want to wait for him, but you dont want to write first, i suggest you delete his number

    i do that all the time.
    i know how you feel... i hate this waiting too... it has to do with guys who rejected me... fear of rejection. No matter how nice or beautiful a girl is, the fear of rejection concerns many girls.

    if you want to break this stupid cycle, just text him yourself. if he doesn't want to meet again, delete numbnd forget him. Or try dating other guys at the same time...


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  • Best thing to do when being involved with new dating is to have something better to do than dating. it always makes you look like you dont need them and it genuinely keeps your mind elsewhere

  • Girl you have to relax a bit. Don't be anxious. The men I know hate clingy women. Maybe he had to go to the gym or make a run. Just be patient with him and it will be okay

    • i am really sick of this shit... clingy woman... tzz
      so what? If she likes him she can text him... it's a double standard
      guys are allowed to chase and everything they do is fine, but we woman have to adapt to their behaviour!

      I think it's time to change this! if she misses him, she should just text him. if she is old fashioned, she should delete his number, this will prevent her from texting him