Am I over reacting and over thinking too much?

Me and my bf have been together for 7 months now and he's always favoriting and talking to this certain girl on Twitter and he's always snap chatting her and liking her pics on ig. I'm pretty jealous bc I feel like I'm not getting enough attention but I don't have social net works other then snapchat. But I just feel like I'm not good enough for him sometimes because that girl is into all the things he likes and I think she's prettier than me. Any tips on how to handle this? I'm kinda new to being in a long relationship to


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  • Voice your concern to you boyfriend. If he has any sense, he'll stop it immediately. If he gets defensive, dump him. He's not being honest with you.

    • What do you mean by he's not being honest?

    • Sorry for the confusion. It's possible, but unlikely, that he honestly doesn't realize he's hurting you. If that's the case, once you tell him how you feel about it, he should immediately try to fix it. If he gets defensive about it, he's not being honest about something. Maybe he's trying to cheat on the side, maybe he likes the other girl and is keeping her around in case you two don't work out. It could also mean there is a bigger problem somewhere else in the relationship. Regardless, you need to let him know as soon as possible.

    • I talked to him on Friday and he denied everything and he said she was just a best friend but he never mentioned her in the 6 months we've been together so he lied about everything he said and he's made no effort to talk to me all weekend and today we would've made 7 months but I haven't texted him all because he lied to me face so I'm ignoring him

  • Let him go. Find someone who will treat you with respect. I'm going through same thing with someone now. She doesn't know it but I'm gonna let her go. Just because she posts all types of stuff on Facebook I still follow my gut instinct. Let no one keep you unhappy Hun.


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