Guys, when you are dating many girls, how do you define which one is the one?

I have been dating different girls so far, and every one has its asset, which I would prefer. Problem is that the girl I have been dating since april, and we had some issues, break up, and arguments. She had been in a long term relationship, it was her first guy, and she said that she wants be friends, then said that she wants to go slow. When I almost left her a few times as I didn't feel the "desire" on her end, she always wanted to return me, and said that she doesn't want to lose me. After the break up, she contected me in a week saying sorry, after me grabbing my staff from her. This is one thing -her desire to go slow... and not being physical, holding hands publicly, of trying to kiss. When I had bad times, I tried to date other girl, and in a month we holded hands, and it wasn't a problem, she is straightforward with me, etc. But I felt more desire, lust to the girl I have been dating... I am chating with her now, as she isn't ready to meet, she is checking if i would be emotional or argue once we meet, imo... With the new girl, I feel that she is more open and eager.
I was in kind of the same position in the past, dating a girl with bad past experience, for 4 months, and the chemistry was gone, and we ended up being friends. but with this girl chemistry is there. But sometimes I am puzzled and dont know what to think... please advise.


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  • Whichever girls makes you happy or excited when you are about to see them. The one that you miss and remember most