Most embarrassing date story?

I double booked a date and had two girls meet me at a place at the same time. I had dinner with both then we went dancing. Lol we are all friends now and laugh about it to this day.


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  • My boyfriend and I went out before the Valentine's dance one year. We were supposed to go with a big group to this fancy Italian place but the person who was in charge of making reservations... didn't. So we all showed up and couldn't get seated. We all ended up at different places and my boyfriend and I ended up at Taco Bell. So we ate tacos and then were on our way to the dance and we were laughing in the car and I belched. Like, the champion of belches. I was so surprised that I immediately got silent. And then burst out laughing and did it again. It was horrible.

    He had to pull over to laugh. It was just horrible.


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