Which of these 3 girls should I choose for a long term relationship and why?

I have three girls i need to choose from:

1 i love the personality of and I feel like i love her a lot, she's really feminine and i'm quite masculine so we attract each other for that reason

2 I have far more in common with in terms of hobbies and the like but is the least attractive, she would make a good friend

3 Whilst all are beautiful she is absolutely stunning and very sexy, by far the most "trophy" like girl

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Most Helpful Girl

  • You asked who to choose as a long term girlfriend. So if you need to make up your mind asap, I'd defiantly go A. Cause you know you used the L word. And all you need is love! Love! La da ti da...
    But who knows (i doubt you know them all super well), often first impressions aren't everything. I'd suggest getting to know them all a little better (facebook stalk if necessary, it's what it's there for) and then decide.

    • Don't have Facebook :P but I know 1 best then 2 then 3, 1 i have known a good while now and she liked me even when I was on a downer, but my mate says that hobbies and common interests are very very important for a relationship to work out in the long run. I guess I do really want 3 for the wrong reasons

    • Maybe get to know 2 and 3 a little better, before you make a choice. And i agree with your friend hobbies/common interests make things a lot easier in the long run, but it's not necessarily just about liking the same stuff. I mean some hobbies you might prefer to keep to yourself or as things you do with your friends. Others you'll want to share with her and vice versa. As long as she's supportive of the things you like doing, that's what's important. And attraction is really important, you have to be attracted to her.

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What Girls Said 7

  • Seems like you've answered your own question lol
    Pick girl 1. she seems to make you love her that much even without the similar interests in hobbies like girl one and the super sexiness of girl 3. Love is love bruh.

  • The masculine-feminine thing is the one that never fails.

  • You should spend ur life (or a long period of time) with someone that you truly have feelings for, someone you wouldn't mind waking up next to, someone who you could talk to for hours and hours and never get bored, someone who you truly care about, someone you think is beautiful even on their worst days, someone your willing to put up with at the most difficult times, someone you would fight for, someone you love.

  • wow your a deusche bag and i hope the three of them realize this and you get none of them...

    • hahahahaha please, PLEASE try to justify your insults, go ahead!

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    • awww lol always follow your heart :3 not your penis :p

    • it tends to make stupid decisions..

  • the one you liked most recantly because if you really liked the first two you wouden't have fallen for the most recant one

  • It's between A and B, no?

    I chose B because I like to cheer for the underdog! OH YEAH :D And you said you've got the most in common with her? Birds of a feather flock together..

  • I wonder how it feels to have choices. Never opened myself up to anymore...

    • It makes everything harder, it makes you start doubting where you true feelings lie. It certainly doesn't make you a better person i'll tell you that much

What Guys Said 1

  • Take them all out at once and the one that stay keep her.

    • Already have, all of them are interested which makes my decision harder

    • You took all 3 out at the same time and they were all willing to stay and play. None of them got upset about the other girls being there or were mad about you having three romantic dates at the same time. Dude keep all three then.

    • You know Sexy, I have not down voted any of your post's that I have read yet but this one really makes me want to down vote it. Typical guy comment =(