[OnlineDating/Apps] Should I PURSUE more?

Hi everyone,
I met this girl on wechat two days ago.
Day 1: I made assumption about her, and I closed the conversations by saying I don't like text-ing (lazy), prefer video call or voice messages, she rejected my video call request and voice messages, seem fine.

Day 2: Asked her is he working? I replied using voice messages all the way (by the way she didn't reciprocrate by voice-messaging me as well), she seemed flattered and told me im funny because I teased her. (btw her replies get longer, more emoticons, which is a good thing)

Third attempt: So, what should I do now? Should I WAIT FOR HER to find me to gauge her attraction level towards me?
OR CONTINUE to find her. But I would feel needy and desperate in this way.

Feel free to answer this question,
Thank you everyone.

  • Yes. Continue text/voice messaging her
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  • No. Wait her to find you to know she's exactly interested at you
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  • Ask her out on the third attempt
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Great. Yesterday she told me 'll make sometime to hang out with, letting her decide what the time she's free (cause I don't wanna sound needy by stating when I'm free exactly- and she might not be free matching my schedule)


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  • Ask her out on the third attempt. It's not like you will lose anything if you ask her out.

    • Thanks. But Should I FIND her or WAIT for her to find me this time? I really want to know her attraction level towards me in the first place.

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    • Good. I told her to let me know when she's free to get together.
      And she said, 'll make some time for me but only for weekends if want to hang out with me.
      Sounds like a good idea? Looks a bit flaky but whatever, I'm gonna stop contacting her for 1 week, wait to hear from her. If no response, gonna move on
      Thanks for your advice, Acc

    • Yes, you do that. You're welcome!

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  • I would try once more, but be ready because not everything is as it seems when it comes to internet dating. Trust me I've met some women for a date and honestly I have been disappointed more times than not. Regardless you should give it a try. My current ratio is 33% on actually liking the girl enough to constitute having a second date. Hope this helps

    • Thanks mate, I'm always getting rejected multiple times from internet dating as compared to live pickup (which I'm doing often), I also move on when her replies were getting 'shorter' from the text. I could see she had no interest on me

    • Live pick ups are honestly the way to go, internet is just one of those things thats just there and as such you should use it because it is another tool in helping you find that someone.

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