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A few years ago, I fell in love with my co-worker. He asked me out and I declined him cause he had a girlfriend and a kid. I didn't tell him that I loved him or had any feelings, he simply had no clue except that I would stutter and get red when around him which I think was one of the reasons why he asked me out. I didn't decline him in a nice way, it was actually awful, partly because I didn't want him to insist being my friend or dating me, so with his anger and bruised ego he sent his gf to my office to pick up his last paycheck.

His older sister is a really good friend of mine and I kept the incident a secret till May this year. She then told me that I did the wrong thing and that he was going to separate himself from this girl and what I did just consolidated the relationship. I got pissed and I told her that I didn't want to be his scapegoat and the person to take all the blame for his failed relationship, so I did what I had to do. I was blown off my feet cause I thought he just wanted me as some kind of Mistress or a chick he has for some ass.

Later on this year, I talke to her on phone and she tells me that she has a guy from the middle east to introduce me to. Its weird cause her family is of middle Eastern origin and I'm freaking out that she might have meant her brother. If it happens to be him and if he is single, girls would you date him and give him a chance, guys what do you think of this?


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  • if you think he is nice guy ders no problem in dating him


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  • I think the only problematic person in this equation is yourself. There doesn't sound like there is anything wrong with this guy, his sister, or the fact that he has a kid. He didn't really do anything wrong, you're the one who wronged him by jumping to conclusions.

    I think if you can work past your issues that you faced with not trusting him, then you should give it a shot. But we also don't know this guy like you do, so if there IS something causing you to not trust him, think long and hard about if it's something that can be worked over or resolved.

    • I think its a mix, before dating him, I asked a lot of people, including my therapist who helps me with my trust issues and low selfesteem issues and they all said to me, to stay away and not wreck someone's home. I think I did the right thing, in the sense that he had not broken it off with his gf and for all that happene, Im happy his kid got to enjoy both of his parents in the home at least a few extra years and after all the time that has passed he stayed with her so obviously something must work out between them that is not only the kid.