What does it mean when a guy?

I went and I guess you can say hang out, with a guy that I met on the Hot or Not app.

We have been talking since Monday night and seem to get along quite well. On Tuesday he had said while we were texting "lol well would you ever date me?" At that time I said I would like to think so, but we haven't hung out so I can't say for sure." He said he understood that. Yesterday evening we hung out for a couple of hours. He got along pretty great (or so I think) After hanging out for a few hours, it was starting to get cold out and we were going to leave. He said "Come here and give me a kiss".

So my question is, What does it mean when a guy says "come here and give me a kiss"?
Is he interested or no?
We might hang out this weekend also, not sure if it is a date or just hanging out! I want to tell him that after hanging out last night, I would like to date him. But I am not sure if him asking that is because he wants to date me, or if he was just merely asking?


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  • well if he wants to date he will define it as a date. hanging out is still always a good sign though because he wants to spend time with you. that will be quality time.


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