I'm 28 years old when do girl start noticing guys?

I always was feed the lie that girls will "start noticing" sooner or later. well its hasn't happened yet.
pretty much people are still jerk to me the same way as when I was a kid. no people don't get older and start respecting you. people do become more diplomatic and as get older they find nice ways to insult you without being so blunt.
no women at 28

people make feel everyone else's is more important


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  • Just keep working on yourself and improving yourself. Do not "just be yourself"! Don't be someone else, but instead change who you are. If what you are doing isn't working, then stop doing it! :)

    Think of yourself as a product and women as the customers. Your job is to sell yourself to them. If they are not interested, then you need to upgrade the product. The most important thing is to always think of the customer base. What do they want? What are women looking for in a romantic partner?

    I've heard way too many guys whine "girls should like me the way I am". Nonsense! That's like a business with a bad product whining "customers should just like my product the way it is... I shouldn't actually have to improve it or even bother learning what my customer even wants in the first place".

    Now, I'm not saying that you are a "bad product", but rather I'm just trying to get you to think in those terms. We can all 'upgrade' ourselves and make ourselves better. Just be continually improving yourself.

    Hope that helps.


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  • It's not about "when" they do, it's about "what kind of men they notice". You might go unnoticed your whole life or get better lays than Tony Stark at 15. It all depends on your approach - shy and quiet people don't get noticed and that's a fact. Me for example, some people on the web say I'm pretty. Fair enough. But you know that NO ONE in real life ever told me that until I got a little more confident? Be. Confident. That's when girls start noticing you, when you're CONFIDENT.
    Or rich.
    Or both.

  • At around 12, girls start to notice boys.

  • Since a boy become a man, girls notice. Same for women.
    I think you should make a move to meet women. It's important. You're still young so this is now or never. And be yourself, girls don't like fake men.


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  • dude have you ever tried make a move onto women? or maybe approaching them? you can't just lay down and wait for a women to come into your life, and even if they do, you won't be able to get them. opportunities fly by a lot of peoples lives but no one really grabs it. so if i were you, be confident and approach women as it is in our DNA to get the things that we want.. GLHF

    • I get ignored they just don't see me.

    • there you go again!!! no confident at all... DUDE man up and start trying... u dont get good at thing without trying at all!!! u may fall and get hurt sometimes but the more you fall the more you learn. and the more you learn the more you get strong... so no more of this i-can't-do-it shit.. and just do it and take risks... and have more confidence shis

    • I'll know as the beggar who couldn't get a date. besides I have nothing to offer.

  • bro respect is earn
    girls will notice you when you be what you really are
    work on your personality and be more social join clubs

    • assuming that everyone has good personality but me.

    • as @megmasweg said u lack confidence its not your personality its ur low self esteem
      u should be proud of what u are

  • Put yourself out there bud! How do you want women to notice someone who is waiting to be noticed? Take the initiative and go from there. Rarely has a woman ever initiated the first contact at least in my case. I hope this helps