Need guys opinion : When a guy says "you are mine"?

This guy that i like is out of town on business and will be for a few months. Anyway we went through a few weeks of no communication then i reached out. Then few days passed and he reached out. Long story short been communicating though everyday for few days now talkin about mudane stuff and flirting heavily. Today before we wrapped up conversation he. said "your mine"... Can a guy tell me exactly what he means? Is he jus flirting or bein serious.. not in love but starting to like me more? Just curious and wouldn't want to jump the gun.


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  • In my opinion, "you're mine" is a form of ownership, intended in a loving or sexual way. If you are familiar with Submisives and Dominants, it would be a more Dom thing for him to say.

    It implies that he wants you, and he wants you and wants you to know it. Not to stray from him. That he wants you to know that he has, sorta, claimed you, in a good way. "You're mine" = establishment of self as your partner.


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