Serious input guys what are you thoughts on being with a women who has children?

So I'm just curious on what men feel about dating a women with a child or two? Would you date, hook up, stay away? And why? :)


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  • My 1st gf was a single mother of a cute little daughter named Penny. We met in college and went out for 2 years. It was definitely a blast, learned how to be spontaneous, creating plans on the fly, when you give into a relationship you should also get, learned how not to get angry when my plans don't go according to plan because Penny was sick or her parents felt she was going out too much which meant movie night Saturdays, the sex was always something we put stock into because there were times our schedules would keep us apart for 4/5 days at a time. It was definitely work, especially when her father passed away and she was in an emotional ruin after for weeks, calling and talking to the early am mornings, and making decisions on the fly, like getting off work driving all the way to Las Vegas staying for a few hours only to drive all the way back to work within a night. Would I ever do it again? Definitely will be depending all on the girl and if I feel like it's worth it. But I don't think I'd marry a single mother because her kid is her number one priority and not me, call it being selfish but if I put a girl as my #1 I feel like she should put me as her #1. I am NOT gonna be 2nd place no way!

    • Super helpful my friend. Thank you. You see I've never had a serious realationshiip. I take it seriously and have never met someone who makes me want to give them my all. Which I feel is important. Until now. I know exactly what I want spiritually, emotionally, sexually. Never had anyone who could meat me on all levels of life until now. That being said I do have a child so I'm being very cautious. All this input helps because I didn't know if I should even approach him because of that reason alone. I guess it's nice to know men would actually date a women with a child seriously and not just fuck them. I do not give people an insight to my soul easily but I'll just play this by ear. Thank you ❤

    • You're welcome.

    • Thanks for MHO

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  • I think it's really gonna depend upon the man. If it's just a hookup, most guys don't care.

    If it's dating, that's a while different world. I've done it. For a guy to date a girl with a child, he has to feel somewhat ready to be a father himself. It's safer, emotionally, than having kids of his own, but its still risky. Dating you is also dating your child. If you want something long term, it has to be a responsible man who loves you and has his shit together. Men will totally want you and want to be with you, you just have to sort out the boys and find someone who can be a real adult with you. :)

    Does that help at all?

    • Awesome answer! I never really looked at it like that. Thank you. :)

  • It depends on the guy, but also the womans situation as well. I mean when it comes to dating its a matter of how the child is going to impact things. IE if little timmy is sick does that cancel dating, also how the woman treats the child is a big thing. I've met women who treat their kids like they are burdens. Generally speaking its about being ready to be in a parenting role and also understanding what one is getting into. When it comes to kids and how they are impacted by new people in their lives. I personally can't do it. It just isn't my thing. I dont have a good reason, but I have tried it just did not sit well with me. Plus there is the relationship with the childs father and mother.

    • I see. And thank you for the input. What if child's father is not around and you don't involve the kid to quickly? Make a difference?

    • Very much. I have run into a lot of women that try to jump the gun and introduce the kid very quickly which is seriously not good. I worry about the kid, and what if the kid gets attached to me, and mom decides to dump me or we break up, then what? The kid is more important than anything else. I refuse to hurt a child, even inadvertently.
      My pleasure, and happy to help. *tips hat*

  • I say that for dating purposes that's not an issue. If it gets serious then I'd give it a thought, mostly because I believe she would be risking more than I would and I need to make certain I understand that.

  • honestly: wouldn´t date and wouldn´t hook up. the children would just put me off too much.


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