He asked me out for our fourth date, I said yes then he didn't respond til a day later?

I met this guy online and we've been on 3 dates over drinks. Last week he had a death in he family so obviously we didn't meet that weekend. On Sunday he message me asking how I am doing etc. We usually talk everyday. 3 days go by and I didn't hear from him so sent him a text on wednesday, asking how he was. He said he was having a bad week, but asked how I was, and asked me out for this weekend.

I replied yes and what did he have in mind... and then he did not respond until Thursday afternoon? Am I right to think this is strange and maybe he is not very enthused to go out with me.

Also, when I did not hear from him for 3 days, I saw he logged on to the online dating site (my account is closed but I can still see his activity)...


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  • If he asked you out, that's a good sign. If he had no intentions of seeing you, why would he ask you out in the first place? He may be a little stressed and there is a chance that he is less enthusiastic about going out with so much going on with his family. Give him space. Let's see how things are this weekend.

  • I do think if its a hard time for him then he may not be sure what he wants. Let him have some time then see. Don't be clingy


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